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Welcome to INEDA Healing Places on the Web 2015.


WE ARE WORKING ON A NEW SITE, migrating some old friendly threads to here and taking on a new feel and designed look with the new year and new energies.


So say goodbye to 2014, it is all over and say hello to 2015.

We are midwifing a new heaven and a new earth with intergalactic energies immersing us in new waves of energy soups served up for us to manifest with.

I will be openly working here from here on out as my writing and editing flows.

Peaceful dreams, lovingly, Monica

email me at

I have parked INEDA 2014 on the side bar for a reference.

We will feature good news and stories concerning Light and Light bearing with new technologies and with prayeers and mediations, yoga, and other gentle arts for peaceful cultivation.